AstroInformatics 2019

The surviving hackatheers, at the end of the hackathon

Astroinformatics 2019 Hackathon

Contacts: Ashish Mahabal and Alberto Krone Martins

Dates: From 1:30 pm June 27 through 12 noon June 28.

Venue: Hameetman (no food allowed); #211 (27th: 3 pm onward); #273 (28th: 8 am - 1 pm)

The AstroInformatics hackathon will offer an opportunity to initiate some practical, collaborative projects that will hopefully lead to some useful new tools and/or publications.

Projects may be aligned with the conference sessions and/or talks, but anything relevant for the practice of astroinformatics is a fair game.  In the spirit of data science methodology sharing, we encourage exchanges of ideas with other fields (X-informatics). A list with some themes previously suggested will be circulated in the first day of the conference, but the attendees are encouraged to express any topics of interest and small projects before the end of the second day of the conference.

Data sets from recent astronomical surveys (CRTS, ZTF DR1 and Gaia DR2) will be made available to enable participants to perform survey-scale experiments.

As a special inducement, a few interesting observing targets that result from the hackathon may be observed the same night (June 27th PDT) from the Palomar 5m telescope using the Double Beam Spectrograph (DBSP).  Matthew Graham will be observing and could do up to four targets for 15 minutes each (limiting r mag ~ 20).